After several years of home brewing and recipe creation, brewers John Bigelow and Cameron Ingraham conceptualized Yes Brewing in 2014. With a focus on smaller batch, unique craft beer creation and enthusiastic marketing and customer service, Cam and John sought to deliver a fresh take to the craft beer industry.

In 2015 and 2016, as recipes were finalized and the business began to take shape, the brewers sought outside help in business development from brothers Troy and Brady Frost.  With four members to their team, Yes Brewing began to make plans for finalizing an industrial space for their brewery, and settled on the business friendly locale of Westbrook, Maine.

With a location finalized, the Yes team focused on gaining licensing approval, and undertook renovations of their space mostly internally and with the help of close friends. Through their own labor and "sweat equity", Yes Brewing was able to tentatively plan for a Spring 2017 opening. Finally, on June 30th, Yes Brewing opened for the public for the first time, and were welcomed to Westbrook by a crowd of passionate craft beer enthusiasts and local supporters. 

Now, as an ambitious and growing small business in the Maine craft beer landscape, the team at Yes Brewing seeks to push the envelope with experimental and unique beer recipes and offerings.